About Lumo Lighting
Lumo offers a wide variety of eco-friendly LED outdoor and indoor lighting options that allow you to save.

Our solar LED outdoor lights will add ambiance to your garden and provide extra security for your home. These unique and decorative garden lighting options include pathway lights, crackle ball lights, string lights, diamond window lights and lanterns.

Our high efficiency LED floodlights with motion sensors are ideal for security around homes and business premises. Lumo’s LED light bulbs provide an exceptionally long life and immediate, significant energy savings – using 80% less energy compared to a standard 41W light bulb.




Next to energy efficiency, cost savings and reduced carbon emissions, LED lighting provides additional benefits beyond efficiency. With lighting levels that can be adjusted and no compromise in light quality, it can be used to create:

  • Safer roads and streets
  • More productive offices
  • More liveable cities and attractive public spaces
  • More patient friendly hospitals


Lack of Awareness

  • People are simply not sufficiently aware of the many benefits of good quality LED lighting.
  • Lighting is not widely recognized as a key to energy efficiency.
  • People don’t see the electricity costs associated with lighting.
  • They are unaware of new, energy- efficient lighting technologies.
Although energy-efficient lighting technologies cost a little more initially, they offer attractive levels of payback and save large amounts of both energy and money during their lifetime.

LED lighting can now be used in all applications. It can also be connected to lighting management systems and adjusted to produce new lighting experiences. This makes it an energy-efficient lighting technology to drive sustainable development.

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